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Why and How Startups Should Implement Performance Management Early

On the other hand, if we find a technical abnormality, it is an indication of a low-impact problem. The organizations that have embraced application lifecycle management have also adopted continuous integration and continuous delivery. Through these two methods, they can have continuous and more frequent releases on the application front, compared to the traditional method of quarterly release. These are staff members from business functions, who basically view applications and application management from a perspective of bottom-line benefit, revenue impact, and productivity.

It’ll point you in the right direction, helping you get the site back to speed. However, LMS sites face many of the same performance challenges as those faced by membership and ecommerce sites. They’re resource-intensive because of massive amounts of data , numerous logged-in users, uncacheable dynamic content, and complex database queries. If not taken care of properly, these issues can slow down your site considerably. At Kinsta, we help enterprises deliver secure and instantly scalable WordPress sites with remarkable performance.

Taking a process driven approach to developing a performance management system and process can help ensure that both managers and employees are engaged and that real, relevant and measurable outcomes are achieved. The performance management system helps to ensure that the company’s goals are met in an efficient, timely and successful manner. These goals are often set by a CEO, president or executive board and filtered down through the management chain to be adopted by departments and individuals.


Using our Kinsta APM tool will not just help you fix and avoid performance bottlenecks but also understand customer trends, reduce churn, and evaluate new business growth strategies. For example, Crelate, a SaaS company focused on staffing and recruiting agencies, used an APM tool to find critical performance issues before becoming a disaster. Kinsta’s WooCommerce hosting plans are tailored to ensure that your online store performs brilliantly at all times. Now, you can also use Kinsta APM to optimize your ecommerce sites for performance and a better user experience. “Span details” and “Stack trace” timeline in Kinsta APMKinsta APM will intelligently try to determine what’s primarily responsible for this specific span. The Stack trace details can help you understand where to look to troubleshoot performance issues on your WooCommere site.

Why should you implement Application Performance Management

But, while it may seem that the manager is the obvious choice, the truth is that others may actually be more aware of employee performance—peers, mentors, even customers. This is the reason that 360 degree reviews have become common in many organizations; it’s a process that involves gathering feedback from a wide range of people who can offer insights into employees’ performance. Annual goals can become quickly dated if organizational changes occur.

Your man­agers aren’t engaged with the process

These application managers are neither developers nor they are users. The ultimate aim of performance management is to improve performance. It will help managers to devise ways through which they can increase performance while providing the opportunity to talk about career prospects and direction. In all, it will help the executive manager and/or HR manager to provide additional mentoring and training which will be useful in developing criteria for promotions. Performance management looks at the present and future of the employee, and what can be done to help future performance and meet future goals.

Why should you implement Application Performance Management

By combining all the above features, Application Performance Monitoring tools makes it effortless to keep your applications performing at their best. According to a study performed in over 150 countries, 96% of employees would like to receive feedback more regularly. Regular feedback lets high-performers know their work is appreciated while offering low-performers the chance to quickly course-correct. Some employees might need a few nudges before they feel comfortable opening up, though, and that’s why regular check-ins are so crucial.


During a more casual conversation, it’s more natural for someone to drop a hint about what truly motivates them and thus how they can be rewarded or incentivized to do better. Performance management, when properly conducted as part of a wider talent management strategy, is vital to an organization’s success. Finally, the cloud capacity becomes well-planned thanks to the decrease in the time of request processing and total optimization. Performance management will assist in the implementation of dynamic cloud usage, meaning that you will not have to overpay for unused storage. Explain the implications of changing or not changing those behaviours. If the employee did something well, give praise and explain how that benefited the team.

  • The APM needs to present the data with context so that you can get to the performance issue’s underlying cause swiftly.
  • Learn how performance management software improves business productivity by enabling SMARTer objectives, real-time feedback and regular check-ins.
  • This is an important consideration because performance reviews should be more forward-looking than backward-looking.
  • If your performance management system only gets revisited once a quarter — or worse, once a year — you might find yourself creating more problems than you solve.
  • Consequently, this drives a development mindset among members of your team.

In particular, it helps to deal with delays in overloaded processes, downtimes, and disruptions that can significantly hinder employees’ performance and almost double the time required for this or that task. Application performance management is the monitoring and management of performance and availability of software applications. The purpose of APM is to detect and diagnose complex application performance problems to maintain an expected level of service.

As businesses continue to transform how they do work, so will their performance management processes. Rather than manage and evaluate employees through annual employee performance reviews, organizations are prioritizing motivation to help their teams reach their potential. Performance assessments can be of great value to everyone since a robust and integrated system can increase employee engagement and therefore improve business processes and outcomes. That starts not with rethinking performance reviews, but with the entire concept of performance goals. Successful performance management is about more than just forms and meetings.

“Building a visionary company requires one percent vision and 99 percent alignment.” – Jim Collins and Jerry Porra

A strong program and effective process for performance management are foundational aspects to leveraging your talent for business success. In order to support, enable, and empower your efforts, you need a next-generation performance management system. Performance management impacts organizational performance by helping businesses promote transparency, alignment, and collaboration so that all employees and teams are working together to reach a common goal. Performance management impacts team performance by helping people leaders build positive relationships between team members and create a culture of feedback that motivates employees to work better together. Many businesses have shifted from rigid organizational hierarchies to more effective and agile team-based models and cultures.

Employees have different ways they like to be motivated, receive feedback, and be recognized. People leaders should take note of these preferences, individualize their approach to employees’ matters, and coach them to better behaviors. When employees feel their individual contributions and strengths are valued and understood, they are more likely to be engaged and perform better. Besides the people who make up your organization and the process or system you use to manage performance, an effective program is made up of the following key elements.

In the long term, proper reporting allows choosing a better application development path and coming up with the right decisions on the application evolution. The younger generations want 50 percent more feedback than other generations. Enforcing the right processes and rituals early on will help ingrain feedback into your company culture.

Why should you implement Application Performance Management

The alternative of using outdated, ineffective, and inefficient systems – or doing nothing – isn’t a viable option either. Companies that can tie a better performance management system to better business results will quickly separate themselves from those who chose complacency over the status quo. Application management can also enhance the end-user experience by constantly monitoring user issues and also incorporating new capabilities in the application. This new user experience will help in increasing productivity, and also accelerate faster adoption of new features. Application management is a set of processes around governance that ensures that the application performance is at its crescendo with great efficiency.

It encourages employee recognition and reward

It is worth noting that creating and sustaining a culture of feedback is easiest to implement early on. Unfortunately, we live in a world where hackers are lurking at every corner, waiting for the right time to attack. By monitoring your applications, you can identify any unwelcome intrusions and promptly act upon them. On top of that, an application can respond to all requests correctly but do so in an extremely slow manner.

Centralized Application Logging System

High performing teams are made of talented employees who feel supported by their managers, peers, and senior leadership. While individual goals are important, team goals help businesses grow and drive ongoing performance for the long-term. Performance management is the process an organization uses to motivate, measure, and develop performance of its individuals application performance management (APM) and teams to support the organization’s goals and objectives. Performance management can focus on the performance of the organization overall, teams or departments within the organization, or an employee’s individual job performance. Application performance monitoring is a section of IT that ensures applications are performing as expected.

Mean­ing­ful reward and recog­ni­tion sys­tems can only oper­ate in busi­ness­es where there is an accu­rate and vis­i­ble process of per­for­mance feed­back and dis­cus­sions. Con­tin­u­ous per­for­mance man­age­ment enables man­age­ment to iden­ti­fy activ­i­ty and efforts wor­thy of praise or reward. What is per­for­mance man­age­ment, what are its ben­e­fits and why is it so impor­tant to your busi­ness? In this expert guide, we’ll be look­ing at how per­for­mance man­age­ment tools improve lev­els of employ­ee engage­ment, reten­tion and com­pa­ny pro­duc­tiv­i­ty while boost­ing your bot­tom line. Similarly, performance reviews should address an employee’s individual performance but also how their actions impacted the performance of the team. As their manager, you can help guide them to set goals they’ll feel proud of reaching and even offer them some development opportunities to grow their skillset.

Checking in with Management

While performance management can sound deceptively simple, with just four steps as outlined above, the process itself is very complicated. That’s why we have put together this list of best practices for performance management. Productivity will increase thanks to increased engagement, clear goals and upskilling of employees. Employees who feel that their company is invested in their success stay with their companies, increasing employee retention. Consistent developing and revisiting of goals ensure that the organization keeps up with changing market forces easily, and reacts quickly as a whole, regardless of the size of the organization. All of this adds up to a lot of missed opportunities to solve problems and increase employee performance and engagement.

There are many benefits to having regular feedback conversations with employees. Firstly, it motivates employees, thus increasing employee engagement & productivity. Secondly, it generates lots of employee performance data which can enable better training and talent decisions. Finally, it enables better work relationships which can have a significant impact on company culture. Application Improve application performance and ensure quality software delivery. Infrastructure Monitor and manage on-premise and cloud-native environments.

During these coaching meetings, tensions can arise if the feedback is not given in a constructive, actionable manner. It is not very important to look backward and point fingers, rather management should guide employees towards future success. A sense of shared values, beliefs and expectations among employees creates a more harmonious and pleasant workplace. Employees should be committed to the values and objectives outlined, and exemplified by, top management.

All WordPress sites hosted on Kinsta run on virtual machines powered by Google Cloud Platform. We utilize LXDmanaged hosts and LXCsoftware containers to isolate each site with all the software required—Linux, Nginx, PHP, MariaDB—to run WordPress smoothly. But at its core, managing it is as complicated as any other web application or framework. Here are some of the most useful features supported by APM software.

Once complete, existing and new employee goals are identified and the cycle begins again. is an ambitious publication dedicated to the evolving landscape of marketing and technology in business and in life. This stakeholder practically owns the process and is responsible for managing the overall lifecycle of the application. Usually, in this scenario, there would be a single analyst or a team of analysts for each of the applications.

Most businesses tend to neglect the importance of recognizing and rewarding their employees. According to a survey carried out by American Express, a third of top businesses believe that recognition and reward lead to higher staff retention, with half also attributing better motivation to giving incentives. By acting before the potential problem becomes an actual problem, the organization can prevent unnecessary trouble. A performance appraisal is a formal, operational task, done according to rigid parameters and in a quantitative manner.